Become a Majik Kids Artist!

We are looking to work with the most magical Storytellers, Musicians, Voice Actors, Illustrators & Imagination Meditation Guides in the world. Submit your work and get paid for it!

Here are all the ways you can contribute your art to Majik Kids


Be an Author

Have a magical kids story you’ve written? We would love to turn it into our next audio story or book!

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Be an Illustrator

We need illustrators to create content for our app, activity books and illustrated books!

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Be a Musician

We are building the best music library on the planet, so if you have kids music, we want to hear it!

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Be A Voice Actor

We need voice actors of all ages, experience levels, and talents to bring our beautiful stories to life!


Be A Meditation Guide

If you have experience guiding meditations (or think you’d be good at it) we need meditation guides!

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Be an Ambassador

Learn more about the Majik Kids ambassador program and how you can help us reach even farther!

Hear From Some of our Magical Artists

Have questions about submitting your art to Majik Kids?

We would love to hear them! Check out some of our frequently asked questions or if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for, fill out the form. We will do our best to get back to you within a few days.

Couldn’t find the questions you were wondering about? Ask away!


How are profits split between the artists and Majik Kids?

50% of our Book & App Revenue goes into an "Artist Pool", which is paid to the artists involved in creating our stories, music & meditations (authors, illustrators, voice actors, musicians, producers & meditation guides). The more engagements your content contribution gets, the more of the Artist Pool you are paid!

How often are artists paid?

We pay our artists quarterly, based on book sales, subscription sales & engagements with the content you were a part of creating.

What is the submission process like?

Once you submit your magical stories, manuscripts, songs, or meditations our team will review them. If we choose to license them, then we'll send you a simple agreement, a down payment and then the rest will be history!

Is there a limit to how many times I can submit?

No! In fact, the more the merrier. Even if one submission isn't the right fit, we are constantly creating and hope that you are too.


The Majik Kids App

At Majik Kids, we are bringing the magic back to families, classrooms, and homeschoolers!

We also understand that too much screen time is unhealthy for children. This is why Majik Kids is committed to writing, producing & licensing the most magical audio content for kids — on this side of the human realm.

We bring the fun of story time – without the screen time!

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