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Dear Parents, Educators & Kid-Loving Grown Ups!

We all understand the need for positive, uplifting, fun, humorous and curiosity-inspiring stories, in the lives of our Magical Kids.

We invite you to join Majik Kids on our mission to raise the Spiritometer on Planet Earth — by spreading our magical audio stories, meditations, illustrated books, as well as colouring & activity books (perfect for homeschooling & classrooms)

We’ll even pay you with money for all the referrals you send our way!

This page outlines our “Majik Ambassadors Program”, how you get paid and who would be the perfect partners to join us on our wild and delightful mission.


We hope you answer the call!

Majik Kids: Founder, Father, Author & Creative Director

What's Not to Love?!

Audio Stories

We partner with talented writers, producers, voice actors & musicians. Our audio stories are like “Movies for the ears,” bringing the fun of story time, without the screen time!

Illustrated Books

Majik Kids collaborates with incredible illustrators & designers on all of our illustrated books, bringing the characters and worlds from our audio stories to life!


Fair Pay

Majik Kids is the 1st Fair Pay Publishing Company. We pay our authors & illustrators 50% of our revenue, so they can make more beautiful, empowering and inspiring art for the Kids.


We create an accompanying Activity & Colouring Book with every story we publish; providing endless hours of fun homeschooling crafts, games, adventures, exercises & conversations.

Our Magical Team

Majik Kids has collaborated with 40+ artists on our first 15 books… and we’re just getting started! We aim to be an engine for artists to empower & inspire the joy sparkle in kids everywhere!


Salt Spring Island

Majik Kids is a Canadian publishing & production company on magical, Salt Spring Island, BC, the unceded ancestral territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ, Quw’utsun’, Stz’uminus. We’re building a local team!

“I’m so grateful seeing my kids’ eyes glow as they cultivate their imaginations listening to these high-quality stories.”

– Lara, Mama of 2 Mini Magicians

What is a Majik Ambassador?

STEP 1: You promote our magical audio stories, illustrated books &/or Majik Kids Club with your friends, family members, local bookstores, library, email list or social media following.

STEP 2: Any traffic you send to Majik Kids that buys our books or subscription, you’re paid $1/sale. If they buy our whole book collection or subscribe to the Majik Kids Club, that’s a lot of $1’s!

STEP 3: We pay you every month — like clock work.

Sound Fun?!

Who is the Majik Ambassador Program For?


Parents, Influencers & Grown-Ups:

You are connected to other parents on social media or in the real world and you’re looking for inspiring, magical content for kids to promote. We make it easy for you to spread the word.


Homeschoolers & Educators:

You run a homeschooling hub, you’re connected to other homeschoolers or you are a teacher. If you provide the kids, we’ll provide hours of magical, engaging & thought provoking activities!


Book Buyers &
Sales Reps:

You’re in the world of buying, selling and distributing books to stores, wholesalers, book/craft fairs and all the places that passionate book-loving folks hang out.

For the Love of Kids & Families

Everything we do at Majik Kids is for the kids. We are devoted to serving children’s imaginations, curiosity, empowerment & joy sparkle — so they stay awesome through all the stages of life!