Majik Kids is Raising A New Generation of Empowered Creators

Screen-free entertainment that Educates, Inspires & Delights!

Dear Majik Parents and Educators,

At Majik Kids, we are dedicated to raising an empowered generation of creators. We offer content that supports critical thinking & positive values while developing skills for nervous system and emotional regulation. We are passionate about fostering imagination through screen-free entertainment that’s fun for the whole family, while honouring our community of talented artists, educators & creators!

The Majik Kids Family

Majik Kids App

The Majik Kids App offers magical audio stories, music, meditations, and activities to spark creativity and joy. New content is released every Saturday, helping kids disconnect from screens and reconnect with their imaginations.

Illustrated Books

To date, we have 18 beautifully illustrated books that can be enjoyed alongside the audio stories inside the Majik Kids App, creating a fun, enriching reading experience for the entire family – while teaching literacy skills to kids.


Artist Collective

Majik Kids collaborates with talented writers, musicians, illustrators, producers, educators, and voice actors. We ensure our artists receive up to 50% of the revenue from app subscriptions and book sales so they can continue making Majik!

Majik Kids is here to support you in nurturing
empowered, creative, and curious young minds!

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