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Majik Kids helps to improve your Little Learners’ imaginations & nervous system regulation through screen-free storytelling, music, imagination meditations, illustrated books & fun learning activities. Hooray!

The Majik
Kids App

The Majik Kids App is filled with the most magical audio stories, music, imagination meditations, and fun learning activities that activate the creativity, curiosity, and joy sparkle at home & in classrooms worldwide.

We release new content every Saturday morning to help get your kids off screens and back into their bodies, nature & imaginations.

Imagine a consciously curated app for kids — that actually pays their
artists well for the magical art they create for your magical kids!

Illustrated Books

We currently have 18 beautifully illustrated books for every family or school’s bookshelf. 

Each book has an accompanying audio story featured in the Majik Kids App, so not only can you enjoy the beautiful illustrations, but your kids can learn to read along too!

Oh, and did we mention we honour our artists by paying them 50% of the revenue?


Together, the Majik Kids App and Illustrated books provide endless opportunities for you and your kiddos to take charge of their entertainment and education. 


Fair Pay Publishing

We value the artists we work with, paying them 50% of the revenue we generate from book & subscription sales.

When you buy our books or subscription, you support these hard-working, creative humans to inspire YOUR kids!

Thank you for your support!

Beyond The Wall:
The Untold Story of Humpty Dumpty

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The stories are like 

movies for my ears!

– Rumi, 5 Years Old