Become a Majik Kids Voice Artist

One of the things that makes our Majik Kids stories so fun and special is the incredible Voice Artists we work with.

So if you’re looking for purpose, projects & future passive income, for sharing your artistic expression with the world in our Majik Kids audio stories, then please read the rest of this page carefully.

Fair Pay Publishing

As the first ever Fair Pay Publishing company, we pay our artists 50% of the revenue we generate from book  and subscription sales. In January 2023, we are releasing the Majik Kids App – which will pay our authors, illustrators, musicians, meditation guides, producers and voice actors to bring their Majik to the kids!!

What to expect if you're a 
Majik Kids Voice Artist

Calling Voice Artists

We are building an empowering, inspiring eco-system that pays artists well to make inspiring art for the kids. 

We want you to do what you do best – make up hilarious, fun and suitable voices for the characters in our Majik Kids audio stories. 

Get Paid Quarterly

If we choose to work with you as a Voice Artist for one of our stories, then we will pay you a one-time signing bonus of $50 up front.

But then (if you have 250+ words spoken) you will earn quarterly royalties on plays inside the app. The more plays your story gets, the more $ you make.

How to be a Voice Artist with Us

  1. Enter your email below to get on our “Voice Actor List.”
  2. When we are producing a new story, you will get a casting call to send in your auditions. 
  3. If we love your voice, we will pay you to act in the story.
  4. Note: You will need to be able to access professional recording gear if you are not living on Salt Spring Island, BC.
  5. After the app goes live, you will earn on every single story play inside the app. Fun, right!?

Become a Voice Artist!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much will I be paid on the app?

The app will cost approx. $11/month for a family to join. It will include stories, music & meditations (plus a parent/educator portal). 50% of subscription revenue will be put into an artist pool. Your story will count as a 'piece of content' and you will earn a 'content engagement' point every time somebody listens to more than 50% of that story. The same points are rewarded for meditations & music. At the end of each month, 'content points' will be divided up amongst all artists (authors, illustrators, musicians, voice actors, producers) involved in all the content pieces (stories, music, meditations) and you will be paid your fair portion of the pie. Mmmmm pie!!!!

Does Majik Kids pay for the production of my voice recording?

We need all character lines to be professionally produced. So, please use a high quality mic or production space when recording your character lines. Majik Kids is not responsible for your production expense.

Who is marketing Majik Kids?

We are building a marketing & sales team, rolling out a mombassador program and are committed to doing what it takes to make Majik Kids a household name. Obviously, you spreading the word about this cool platform you’re a part of will help too. We’re all in this together!

Can I submit for more than character voice in a story?

Absolutely! You could cast an entire story if you nail the characters!!