Want to Illustrate a Majik Kids Story?

We are currently publishing 1-2 illustrated books per month, which means we need a lot of illustrators to bring these magical stories to life… on the pages of books!

So if you’re looking for purpose, projects, future passive income,  or sharing your art with the world in one of our stories then please read the rest of this page carefully.

Fair Pay Publishing

As the first ever Fair Pay Publishing company, we pay our artists 50% of the revenue we generate from book  and subscription sales. In January 2023, we are releasing the Majik Kids App – which will pay our authors, illustrators, musicians, meditation guides, producers and voice actors to bring their Majik to the kids!!

What to expect if you're a Majik Kids Illustrator


We’re looking for unique, talented and passionate illustrators to help bring our magical stories to life on the pages of our books.  Come make magical worlds with us!


Every illustrator is paid the same. 
$200 for a story cover image and activity book pages + $800 if that story is turned into a book

+ 25% of book sales

+ a % percentage of audio plays inside the Majik Kids app (coming 2023). We pay you quarterly.


A typical turnaround from when you sign our publishing contract to releasing the book is 5-6 months (which is about 2 years faster than traditional publishing companies).

How to Illustrate a Story

We want our illustrators to LOVE the stories they are making art for.

So if you want to be one of our Majik Kids Illustrators, here are the steps to take:

  1. Enter your name and email in the form below.
  2. We will email you every time we release a new story.
  3. If you love the story and are inspired to illustrate, design a book cover illustration and character designs.
  4. We will review all the submissions with the author and if your designs the right fit, you’re hired!
  5. Once the contracts are signed, we will pay you $200 for the story cover and pages for the activity book.
  6. If the audio story is selected to become an illustrated book, and you accept the job, we will give you a $500 advance.
  7. Black and white sketches/outlines are due 30 days from signing the contract.
  8. Full colour first draft pages are due 60 days after signing the contract.
  9. Final illustrations are due 90 fays after signing the contract. 
  10. Once the final illustrations are approved, we pay you a final $300.
  11. After the book goes on sale, you will earn 25% of all sales revenue after publishing costs!

Become an Illustrator!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I be paid on the App?

The app will cost approx. $11/month for a family to join. It will include stories, music & meditations (plus a parent/educator portal). 50% of subscription revenue will be put into an artist pool. Your story will count as a ‘piece of content’ and you will earn a ‘content engagement’ point every time somebody listens to more than 50% of your track. The same points are rewarded for meditations & music. At the end of each month, ‘content points’ will be divided up amongst all artists (authors, illustrators, musicians, voice actors, meditation guides & producers) involved in all the content pieces (stories, music, meditations) and you will be paid your fair portion of the pie. Mmmmm pie!!!!

How do I illustrate a book?

When we have a book ready to go into illustrating, we put out an email "call to illustrators" to audition to illustrate the book. You will do a book cover mock-up and some character sketches. You submit those, our team votes and we choose the illustrator who matches the vision we have for the story. NOTE: At this time ALL illustrators must use ProCreate.

Who is marketing Majik Kids?

We are building a marketing & sales team, rolling out a mombassador program and ultimately, are committed to doing what it takes to make Majik Kids a household name. Obviously, you spreading the word about this cool platform you’re a part of will help too. We’re all in this together!

Can I illustrate more than one story?

Absolutely! The more magical stories you illustrate, the merrier.