The Majik Kids Book Collection

Bring the Majik home to your family, class or library with the 18 story Majik Kids Book Collection. Buying all 18 books saves you $77, which is like getting 4 books for free!

In Search of Water

Do you think fish realize they’re in water? Sometimes the truth can be so simple and close to us, that we completely miss it. That’s certainly the case for Finny Fish. Finny’s spent his whole life under water, but has no idea what “water” actually is. Join him — and the friends he makes along […]

Dimples: The incredible story of an unlikely champion

Hello! I’m Dimples, and – you guessed it – I am a Golf ball. Join me on this incredible journey, as I retell my tale of chasing the ultimate dream; Becoming a championship winning ball, in the greatest game ever played – Golf! I hope my story inspires you to get out there and play! […]

Fuzz: The Incredible Story of a Dog’s Best Friend

We’ve all heard that dogs are a human’s best friend… But truth be told, humans are not always a dog’s best friend. Yes, I know this may come as a big surprise – but it’s true! My name is Fuzz, and I am a ball… a dog’s true best friend. This is the incredible story […]

Over 5 Bundle

This is the perfect little collection for the kids in your life that are in that 5-8 range. It will expand their minds, spark their curiosity and activate their joy sparkle in life. These magical tales are some of our top sellers and Majik Kids and we promise your over 5 kidlets will love them […]

Under 5 Bundle

This is the perfect collection of sweet stories to snuggle up with your young readers. The characters and the lessons they learn along the way will bring smiles to faces, curious questions about their journeys and new insights into the magical world we are a part of. These will be the books your kids ask […]

The Untold Stories Bundle

Save $10 when selecting the Untold Stories book bundle! We have all heard about Humpty Dumpty, the Cow that Jumped Over the Moon and the Chicken who Crossed the Road…. but have you ever wondered about the stories behind those infamous stories? Well, these magical stories are Majik Kids’ top sellers for good reason. Get […]

Rhyme Time Bundle

If you love to rhyme all the time because it makes you feel super sublime, then the Rhyme Time Bundle is the book collection for you. It’ll make every read a fun thing to do. So don’t wait, just click the ‘Add to Cart’ below and we’ll get those books shipped so you can discover […]

Little Leaders Bundle

What the world needs is more kind-hearted, creative, curious kids. This Majik Kids book bundle will certainly teach your kids about what it takes to go from good to great, become a thoughtful leader and to stand up for what you believe in. The eight books included in this book bundle are: Peace is the […]

Happy Minds Bundle

The Happy Minds Bundle is the perfect bundle of books that will stoke the creative fire inside your child’s mind. These magical stories are all about encouraging curiosity, the power of your thoughts and how to create a beautiful life with that thinker you’ve got. The eight books included in this book bundle are: Beyond […]