The Bazillion Benefits of Audio Stories

Remember the “good ol’ days” when families would huddle around the radio for story time, popcorn in hand, eyes closed, and imagination wide open?  If that brings a nostalgic tear to your eye, you’re in luck because that golden era is back, and it’s not just for those who remember rotary phones and VCRs! Audio […]

How to Incorporate Audio Stories Instead of Shows or Movies 

I spent the summer selling Majik Kids books at the Salt Spring Island market. While there, I spoke with thousands of concerned parents and grandparents. They are concerned because they see how addicted their young children and grandchildren are to screens…. and they feel helpless about it. This short article offers a fun and powerful alternative to […]

Don’t Feed Your Kids Junk Food Entertainment

In my last post about “Creative Solutions for Too Much Screen Time,” I shared my horror for the stat I read in the middle fo the Pandemic that said, “the average person is spending 13 hours per day on a screen…” Let’s just pretend that kids under 12 are only spending an average of 3-5 […]

A Creative Solution for Too Much Screen Time

Hi Parents! I wanted to talk about something that I think every single parent thinks about every single day… Your kids using screens… I was shocked to read a stat at the onset of the pandemic that the average North American was spending 13 hours per day in front of a screen. Is that not […]