Want to Submit your Story to Majik Kids?

We believe in the power of diversity and that everybody has an important story to tell. This is why we invite other storytellers to submit their magical, inspiring & unique stories to Majik Kids.

If you’re interested, please read this page carefully.

Fair Trade Publishing

We value the artists we work with at Majik Kids, which is why we pay them 3x more than traditional publishing. When you buy our books & subscription, you support these creative humans to inspire your kids. 

What to expect if you get published by Majik Kids


We are looking for stories that are unique, inspiring & fun. Bonus if they offer life lessons to the kids listening to or reading them.


Every author is paid the same.

$500 advance
+ 25% of book sales
(after publishing costs).


We can’t promise when your book will be produced & published, but we will give you a rough idea if your story is selected.

Submit Your Story

We are still a small team, so please be patient with us as we read through the submitted stories.

Also know, we promise to never share, sell or distribute your story anywhere until we have a written agreement and monetary exchange.