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The Other Side: the Untold Story of why the Chicken REALLY Crossed the Road

We’ve all heard the age-old story about Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall, had a great fall and that the King’s horses and men couldn’t put him together again. But have you ever wondered who Humpty was, why he was up on a wall, what the wall was doing there in the first place? This story answers those questions and the answers will give you a big surprise! 

Beyond the Wall: The Untold Story of Humpty Dumpty

We’ve all heard the age-old story about Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall, had a great fall and that the King’s horses and men couldn’t put him together again. But have you ever wondered who Humpty was, why he was up on a wall, what the wall was doing there in the first place? This story answers those questions and the answers will give you a big surprise! 

Hey Diddle Diddle

The Untold Story of the Cow That Jumped Over the Moon
We have all heard the age-old nursery rhyme, Hey Diddle, Diddle about the cat with a fiddle, and the cow who jumped over the moon…
But have you ever wondered how a big, giant cow, could actually jump over the moon? I mean…wow! We needed to know, and so we searched, and we found, the untold story of the moon-jumping cow. She sat down with us over a cup of grass tea, and openly shared her entire life story. This tall tale will certainly inspire all listeners & readers to reach even higher!

The Inventiest Kid

There once was a kid who was the inventiest kid ever… at least in the town of Townford. He could literally invent whatever he imagined. As cool as that sounds, he still had a hard time making friends. This is a neat little story about how the Inventiest Kid learned to use his gifts to make friends and save the Town of Townford!

The Planet of Kalapaloo

The Planet of Kalapaloo

Enter the world of The Planet of Kalapaloo. On this little planet (made mostly of granite), the Red Paloos and the Blue Paloos have disliked each other for as long as any Paloo can recall. Tensions build and soon it seems there will be a big Paloo kersnuffle, with fluff balls and flingers and lots of big blasters! What will be the fate of this small Paloo planet? Can the children save the day?

Your Thought Thinking Thinker

Have you ever thunk thoughts about what you might find if you looked for the place where thoughts live in your mind? Have you ever wondered where all your thoughts go? Do they fly out your brain or perhaps your bedroom window? Well this little book explores your thought thinking thinker and the world of your mind where you can ponder and tinker. We know you’ll love it, so give it a shot. And who knows, you might learn something new about that thinker you’ve got.

The Master's Apprentice

The Master’s Apprentice

There was once an old wizard whose time it was to teach. While waiting for a student he enjoyed fishing at the beach. By the time his apprentice came knocking on his door, his beard had grown all the way down to the floor. This story is about becoming a master at your craft. We think you will enjoy it and it will give you a good laugh.

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The Messiest Day of my Entire Life

Have you ever had a day that begins like most other days… but then all of a sudden something happens, and then another thing happens and another and another after that? And before you know it, the entire day has become a complete and total mess. Well this story is about the messiest day of my entire life. You may be able to relate…

The Lady Bug with the Dragon Heart

The Ladybug with the Dragon Heart

There once was a Ladybug who had the heart of a dragon, but everybody in her village told her to act more Ladybug-like… that is until one day a real dragon flew down to burn her village to the ground, and the courageous little Ladybug was the only one who would stand up to it. Well, you’re never going to guess what happened next, so you better listen or read to find out!

Mr. Hurry Pants

There is always more to do, more to see, more, More, MORE! It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of life, hurrying from one thing to the next and never really enjoying where we are or what we are doing. Mr. Hurry Pants chronicles a silly little clock-man who pesters Penelope to hurry, Hurry, HURRY! And as frustrating as she sometimes finds Mr. Hurry Pants, she just can’t get rid of him. Follow Penelope as she learns to enjoy the present moment, and perhaps make a new friend along the way!

Peace is the Way

Many in the world say peace is the way, but if you ask them what Peace is they’re not sure what to say. Peace has many faces, there’s more than just one. Love, compassion and kindness are some. Join Little Monkey as he asks questions about Peace… and comes to realize that it starts with you and me.

Sneaky Little Secret

What is the joyful, hidden secret of life itself? In this silly, rhyming, picture book you are invited to explore the ancient and mysterious notion that all of life’s many forms (the sun, moon, stars, earth, trees, plants, animals and people) are playful expressions of one single energy! Has life fallen asleep so it can forget it’s only one, and dream that it’s you and I and everything else in the universe?! Shhhh…don’t read too loudly or you might wake it up!
The Sun Loving Lad

The Sun Loving Lad

Old Soleus Sully is a sun loving lad. Whenever it’s sunny, he always feels glad. But when the rains fall, it always makes him say, “I wish all those clouds would just go away!” He’s a clever old lad, and he gets an idea, to build a contraption to keep his skies clear! Will it work? Can he keep the clouds out for good? Listen in to find out — it just might help you think in new ways about challenges you face in your own life!


Mr. Kerplasses Has Lost His Glasses

A story about finding what we’re looking for right where we are! Follow the silly journey of Mr. Kerplasses as he searches far and wide for the one thing that will help him see clearly: his glasses! From his house to the mountain peak, from the top of a tree all the way to Mars—and everywhere in between— he searches and seeks, but his gosh darn glasses are no where to be found.

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