Screen Zombies: How to escape the Screen Time Trap

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Are you worried about your kids turning into screen zombies? We’ve got the cure! Let’s dive into the most common questions we get about screen time and discover how to break free from the digital daze and boost creativity with the Majik Kids App.

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The Fast-Paced Frenzy of Modern Children’s Television

Movies and TV shows aren’t slow like they were in the 80s and 90s when many of us were growing up. Kids’ TV shows these days change frames at a dizzying pace, creating a sensory overload that can put children in a trance-like state. Back in the 80s and 90s, the frame rates of children’s television shows were much slower, allowing for a more relaxed and natural viewing experience.

Modern children’s television often features rapid frame changes every few seconds. This constant shift in visuals is designed to capture and hold kids’ attention but at a significant cost. The quick transitions can cause children to disassociate from their bodies and breath, interfering with their ability to regulate their nervous systems. The hyper-stimulation from fast frame rates can lead to heightened anxiety, difficulty focusing, and challenges in developing healthy attention spans.

This stark difference in pacing between the shows of yesteryear and today highlights the need for mindful media consumption. Instead of the whirlwind of modern TV, children benefit greatly from slower, more deliberate storytelling that allows them to engage deeply and think creatively.

That’s where the Majik Kids App comes in! Offering soothing audio stories and meditations, Majik Kids helps bring children back to a state of calm and imagination, supporting healthy development away from the screen’s frantic pace. Download the Majik Kids App and let your kids experience the magic of mindful entertainment.

Why is screen time so bad?

Screen time is any moment spent glued to technology—whether it’s a TV, computer, tablet, phone, or video game. Too much of it can turn kids (and adults!) into screen zombies, with negative effects on their eyes, brain, body, nervous system and relationships. Even tech leaders limit their kids’ screen time!

The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends no more than 1 hour of screen time per day for young children (2-5) and no screen time for children under 2 (when possible). Too much screen time can have a spooky impact on health and development.

Excessive screen time has been linked to:

  • Speech delays
  • Obesity and overeating
  • Irregular sleep and poor health
  • Lack of physical activity and cognitive impairment
  • Lower academic performance and social skills
  • Narcissism, depression, and lack of motivation
  • Anxiety and suicidal thoughts
  • Reduced creative play and imagination
  • Difficulty with problem-solving and creative thinking
  • Aggressive behavior and desensitization to violence
  • Increased junk food cravings (thanks to ads)
  • Risk of exposure to cyberbullying and predators

In short, too much screen time can turn your little ones into passive screen zombies instead of active, imaginative creators & adventurers!

Are screens really addictive?

Yes, screen addiction is real! Screen use releases dopamine in the brain, affecting it in the same way as drugs. This addictive effect makes it hard to resist the pleasure/reward cycle. Kids, with their developing brains, are particularly vulnerable and can easily miss out on the best things life has to offer.

Doesn’t it depend on the content being accessed? What about educational shows designed specifically for children?

Even educational content isn’t a magical cure. Studies show that screens aren’t effective learning tools for babies and toddlers. Young children learn best through face-to-face interactions and benefit most when parents co-view and engage with them.

The danger is that too much screen time can make kids reliant on entertainment, turning them into passive consumers rather than powerful imaginative creators. As a parent, be a role model! Exercise daily, eat well, limit mindless scrolling, and showcase good habits. Play games with your kids in the real world, encourage daydreaming, read books, and explore creative alternatives like the Majik Kids App.

Tell me more!

The Majik Kids App is packed with magical audio stories, music, and meditations for kids under 12. Each story is paired with activity books that deepen engagement and spark creativity. Need a screen-free adventure? Download the Majik Kids App today and watch your little ones transform from screen zombies to imagination superheroes! 


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