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We write unique, magical & inspiring stories to activate the imaginations, courage & confidence in kids!

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Tune in LIVE for the release of our first SIX Majik Kids stories & illustrated books on December 11th at 9am PST. 

Join in for a “Fun for the Whole Family” LiveStream Event!

At Majik Kids, we go the extra miles to produce the most extraordinary audio story experiences that make listening fun for the whole family. The stories are like “Movies for your Ears,” combining voice acting, music & sound effects, which bring these tall tales to life. On December 11th, we will be debuting our first SIX Majik Kids Stories & Books to the world. You won’t want to miss this live event!

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Have a sneak peak at the SIX stories we’ll be sharing during our Worldwide Listening Party on December 11th. Read the descriptions and press the play buttons below for a sample of what you have to look forward to.
The Master's Apprentice

The Master’s Apprentice

There was once an old wizard whose time it was to teach. While waiting for a student he enjoyed fishing at the beach. By the time his apprentice came knocking on his door, his beard had grown all the way down to the floor. This story is about becoming a master at your craft. We think you will enjoy it and it will give you a good laugh.

Your Thought Thinking Thinker

Have you ever thunk thoughts about what you might find if you looked for the place where thoughts live in your mind? Have you ever wondered where all your thoughts go? Do they fly out your brain or perhaps your bedroom window? Well this little book explores your thought thinking thinker and the world of your mind where you can ponder and tinker. We know you’ll love it, so give it a shot. And who knows, you might learn something new about that thinker you’ve got.

Your Thought Thinking Thinker
The Lady Bug with the Dragon Heart

The Ladybug with the Dragon Heart

There once was a Ladybug who had the heart of a dragon, but everybody in her village told her to act more Ladybug-like… that is until one day a real dragon flew down to burn her village to the ground, and the courageous little Ladybug was the only one who would stand up to it. Well, you’re never going to guess what happened next, so you better listen or read to find out!

The Messiest day of my Life

Have you ever had a day that begins like most other days… but then all of a sudden something happens, and then another thing happens and another and another after that? And before you know it, the entire day has become a complete and total mess. Well this story is about the messiest day of my entire life. You may be able to relate…

Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 2.37.00 PM
The Sun Loving Lad

The Sun Loving Lad

Old Soleus Sully is a sun loving lad. Whenever it’s sunny, he always feels glad. But when the rains fall, it always makes him say, “I wish all those clouds would just go away!” He’s a clever old lad, and he gets an idea, to build a contraption to keep his skies clear! Will it work? Can he keep the clouds out for good? Listen in to find out — it just might help you think in new ways about challenges you face in your own life!

Beyond the Wall: The Untold Story of Humpty Dumpty

We’ve all heard the age-old story about Humpty Dumpty who sat on a wall, had a great fall and that the King’s horses and men couldn’t put him together again. But have you ever wondered who Humpty was, why he was up on a wall, what the wall was doing there in the first place? This story answers those questions and the answers will give you a big surprise! 

Beyond the Wall final cover
Flyer Front

Joy to the World: The Untold Story of Old Saint Nick

Join us December 18th for our first feature-length audio story. Narrated by Santa Claus himself, “Joy to the World” reveals – for the first time ever – the incredible chronicles behind the merry magical man in red! Who was Old Saint Nick when he was young? How did Christmas really come to be? And how can YOU help keep the Spirit of Christmas alive? This exciting adventure will capture your imagination and open your heart to the greatest joy of all — the joy of giving. 


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