Don’t Feed Your Kids Junk Food Entertainment

In my last post about “Creative Solutions for Too Much Screen Time,” I shared my horror for the stat I read in the middle fo the Pandemic that said, “the average person is spending 13 hours per day on a screen…”

Let’s just pretend that kids under 12 are only spending an average of 3-5 hours per day (even though it’s probably more for many families).

How much of that time is on content that inspires imagination, stokes curiosity and activates the joy sparkle in your kids? 

If you’re on Netflix or Prime, then I think it’s safe to say that less than 5% of that content is doing anything good for your kids minds, bodies and imaginations…

What’s a parent to do though? 

  • You have needs.
  • You need respite.
  • What harm could it be causing your kids?

Well, you be the judge… 

For us, we notice a TREMENDOUS change in Sauryn (our son’s) attitude, emotions and mental well-being when he’s sat in front of a computer for longer than 30 minutes watching a show. 

As he watches a show, we can clearly see that he is no longer regulating himself. He forgets that he’s hungry, thirsty or even to breathe. He becomes a cute little zombie — which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

The bottom line is this:

What goes into your child’s mind is just as, if not more important, than what goes into their bodies.

It’s simple: Don’t feed your kids Junk Food Entertainment…

There are plenty of conscious, positive, empowering and inspiring media sources available for your kids to help them grow their minds, imaginations and smart little selves! 

Majik Kids is just one of many examples.

And if you haven’t listened to our audio stories or read a Majik Kids illustrated book yet, then give us a chance at

We Have Found that Audio Stories are the Best because…

  • We put his blocks, lego, colouring, Play-doh or crafting supplies down in front of him.
  • He opens his imagination, actively listens AND uses his body to create with.
  • When his story time is over, he doesn’t have the “raging child outbursts” we saw so often with shows.
  • He doesn’t go through withdrawal symptoms or cravings for more, More, MORE shows.
  • As parents, we still get some downtime to cook, clean or chill out and enjoy a moment of peace & quiet.

It’s honestly a win-win-win for everyone in our family when he gets his Audio Story time.

So, if you are tired of feeling guilty for playing another show…
If you’re tired of the mood swings and outbursts from your child…
If you want to feed your kids’ mind and imagination something healthy…

Try listening to a Majik Kids Story today!

The stories are fun to listen to (even for parents). 
They have positive, inspiring messages & life lessons.
They are produced with voice actors, musicians & with world class producers.
They’re literally movies for your kids’ imaginations!
Not only that, but Majik Kids is the first Fair Trade Publishing Company, paying 50% of our revenue back to our authors & illustrators when you buy our books. What’s not to love!?

What do you do in place of screen time? Share your secrets! And if you’ve been listening to Majik Kids, let us know what your favourite story is so far!

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“I’m so grateful seeing my kids’ eyes glow as they cultivate their imaginations listening to these high-quality stories.”

– Lara, Mama of 2 Mini Magicians

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