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The Majik Kids App

At Majik Kids, we are Bringing the Magic Back to Families, Classrooms, and Homeschoolers!

We also understand that too much screen time is unhealthy for children. This is why Majik Kids is committed to writing and producing the most magical audio stories and illustrated books we can. 

We bring the fun of story time – without the screen time!

Endless Hours of Fun For
Kids, Families & Classes


Saturday Morning Audio Stories

Get new Audio Stories every Saturday AM! We work with world-class storytellers, voice artists & musicians to score the music & sound effects… Better than Saturday morning Cartoons!


Imagination Meditations

Through magical, inspiring, affirmation-filled Imagination Meditations, we help your kids learn about their bodies, minds, breath & how to manage their nervous systems. Yummmm!


Activity and Colouring Books

Every story includes an Activity Book with an assortment of fun games, activities & conversation starters -made to help your kids integrate the books’ lessons & themes!


Sing-Along Music

We partner with world-class Musicians, offering a kids music library unlike any you’ll find elsewhere. Music made to light up your kids’ bodies, minds & hearts through song and dance.


Podcast Episodes

The husband/wife team, who are also co-founders of Majik Kids, parents, homeschoolers and homesteaders – talk about parenting, lifestyle design & building this beautiful business.


Illustrated Books

When you join the Majik Kids App, you get to save money every time you purchase one of our Illustrated Books or bundles for your kids, grandkids, class or self.

Kid Mode

An easy to navigate interface allows your kids to simply PUSH A BUTTON for the majik to play.

Grown-Up Mode

Inside Grown-Up mode, you get access to more information, activities, the Majik Parents Podcast, and a world-class library of adult meditations which have been loved by millions of people (just an added bonus)!

“I’m so grateful seeing my kids’ eyes glow as they cultivate their imaginations listening to these high-quality stories.”

– Lara, Mama of 2 Mini Magicians

Get the Majik Kids App!

The App is now live with Founding Families & Educators!



$ TBD CAD/month
  • Bring Majik Kids into your classrooms. Contact us about bulk licensing partnerships, so all your educators gain access to all of our Magical resources.


$ 20.99 CAD / month
  • Lifetime licensing rights to use all of our stories, meditations, activity & colouring books in your class/homeschool setting! Plus discounts on books & educator resources.


$ 12.99 CAD / month
  • Lifetime access to all our magical audio stories, kids & grown-up meditations, home learning activities, colouring books & discounts!

The Majik Kids App is LIVE

Bring the Majik Home!!

Get Audio Stories, Imagination Meditations & Music every Saturday AM!

Thank You!

By paying for your Majik Kids App subscription, you support us to make more magical stories, imagination meditations, music, books & activities for your magical kids so they keep the magic alive in this magical world!

Majik Kids is the first ever Fair Pay Publishing company.

We value the artists we work with, and pay them 50% of the revenue we generate from book sales & app subscriptions.

When you buy our books or pay for your subscription, you support these hard-working, creative humans to inspire your kids.

Thank you for your support!

Dollar Donation Club

$1/month from your Majik Kids App subscription goes directly to our friends at Dollar Donation Club.

What if everyone just gave one dollar?

That’s a lot of one dollars!

What if we used it to hyper-fund solutions to global challenges? And instead of donating to many causes, what if we laser-beamed a few at a time? By focusing, we can knock critical stuff off the list. Restoring the world to awesomeness (and beyond). We have solutions to Earth’s gnarliest challenges, but we need to unify. It’s not about how much we give, it’s about how many of us unify to give a little, together.

That’s why we donate $1/month from all Majik Kids App subscriptions to Dollar Donation Club. 

We will even do quarterly reporting, sharing how big our collective impact has been in the world.

Talk about fun for the whole family (and planet)!

Our feature length holiday time audio story - "Joy to the World: The Untold Story of Old Saint Nick" - is available for all of December on the Majik Kids App! Happy Holidays!!!