20 Ways to Use the Majik Kids App

In case you missed the big announcement, we are GIVING AWAY the Majik Kids App all summer long so you can get to know us during the sun-soaked, adventure-filled months ahead.

We believe in the power of storytelling, music, and meditation to spark creativity, joy, and connection. This summer, we want to share this magic with you and your little ones for free until September 1st.

Our goal is to enrich your summer with imagination and fun, making each day a bit more magical.

Here are 20 fun and inspiring ways to weave the Majik Kids App into your daily summer life:

  1. Road Trips: Listen to the magical stories & music library on those long drives or flights.
  2. Day Camps: Incorporate the audio stories and learning activities into day camp schedules.
  3. Babysitters: Provide babysitters with stories, activities and music to entertain & engage with the kids.
  4. Morning Routine: Start the day with a meditation to set a positive tone. They’ll be masterful by fall time!
  5. Breakfast Boogie: Play uplifting music during breakfast to kickstart the day with good vibes.
  6. Storytime Picnic: Enjoy an audio story at a family picnic.
  7. Nature Meditations: Listen to calming meditations while sitting in nature.
  8. Creative Crafts: Use our stories and learning activities to inspire endless creative projects.
  9. Beach Day Bliss: Enjoy a dance party at the beach with our music.
  10. Backyard Camping: Listen to some of our bedtime stories around the campfire or under the stories.
  11. Playdate Fun: Pull out an audio story during playdates with friends when a little recharge is needed.
  12. Quiet Time: Use meditations for a peaceful break in the afternoon when kids need to reset the nervous system.
  13. Cooking Together: Play our Majik Kids music while making delicious meals together.
  14. Bedtime Stories: End the day with an imaginative bedtime story or library from our music library.
  15. Rainy Day Retreat: Turn rainy days into indoor inner adventures with our audio stories & activity library.
  16. Exercise Fun: Add music to your family workout sessions in the mornings or afternoons.
  17. Garden Adventures: Listen to stories while planting and gardening.
  18. Travel Relaxation: Use meditations to stay calm during travel.
  19. Summer Learning: Integrate educational stories into your summer learning routine.
  20. Family Bonding: Enjoy listening to audio as a family instead of watching shows in silos.


We’re thrilled to share this special offer with you and hope the Majik Kids App brings even more joy, creativity, and relaxation to your summer.

Download the app today and let the magic begin!


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“I’m so grateful seeing my kids’ eyes glow as they cultivate their imaginations listening to these high-quality stories.”

– Lara, Mama of 2 Mini Magicians

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